The mission of the '1-Minute Learning Nuggets' project is to explore and discover the art of creating 1-minute multimedia learning nuggets (or within the 1-minute spectrum: anywhere from 1 second to 1:59 min) , which are perfect for mobile learning or learning-on-the-fly.

If we dissect a lecture or module (or whatever you want to call it). There are probably only 5-10 essential items (or chunks) in a lecture that really needs to be visualized into multimedia with audio narration to have an impact or simplify the learning for students. So, instead converting the whole lecture into multimedia with narration, why not focus our time on building quality learning nuggets that really matter.

Not only will the learning nuggets be great for mobile learning, lecturers will have more time to focus on the critical content that needs to be converted to multimedia. And from a design-point-of-view, your content now also becomes more reusable beyond your lecture.


Creating learning nuggets, snippets, objects or chunks is nothing new! Today, Udacity prides itself for creating learning videos that on the average are one minute long (These learning snippets are then clustered into lessons). During the eLi3 Conference (in Saudi Arabia) I met Roger Schank, who told me during a short chat that people in general only pay real attention to something for max 1 and half minutes. Penn State University has something called the 60-second lecture series. Google demo videos today are usually no longer than one minute. And we can go on and on and on!

Whether it is a trend or not, less content in smaller learning chunks makes sense in today's disruptive and busy world. But, we still need to figure out how to do this efficiently with effective learning output

In a nutshell, this project is about exploring and rethinking content design and discovering authoring  tools and methods to create learning nuggets perfect for mobile learning (or multi-device learning) and reuse. 

By doing so, we can empower and inspire educators at IMU and beyond to do the same!

You are most welcome to join us on this adventure by creating your own learning nuggets and sharing with us how you did it :)

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